Welcome to Flora Social Eatery
at Breakfast Creek, Albion TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Uniquely social, our ethos is to stand by our community and to create a local hub to meet, eat and connect in the heart of Albion

Flora is a worldly señorita with an ethical and seasonal approach to service and food. 

We are a local community hub with a rustic, homely and earthy look. An extended living room if you will… We promote healthy and wholesome food while collaborating with our community. Our take on the classic Australian
cuisine is based on home baked and locally grown; with worldly culinary inspirations.

We aim grow a lot of our own leafy greens and herbs, aiming to be as close as possible to paddock to plate and working with local collaborators to promote all of the amazing products that Queensland has to offer.

We love fresh foods matched with authentic service! With a goal of growing ultra local produce; we
are working with our community to grow for our community. Come grow with us! We are proudly on
our way to building our very own Urban Farm, to help us nourish those around us. #paddocktoplate

We are a shared social meeting & eating space in heart of Albion, Brisbane




We value community partnerships and collaborations! Enquire now to find out more about working with Flora

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